My name is Renee Eglinton and I am the RE in Kare Lawyers.

Born in Brisbane I think of myself as a Brissie girl through and through. However just to mix things up a bit, I started my schooling in Coober Pedy, South Australia. I even lived underground in a dugout, always a great conversation starter particularly when I meet people from overseas.

Other than my early opal town adventure, I did most of my schooling in Brisbane and I cannot imagine ever leaving this wonderful City.

I  love all that Queensland has to offer so I often spend weekends and holidays either on the coast or camping at national parks with family and friends. The climate just can’t be beaten anywhere in the world so I think we are all very lucky.

The other great adventure in my life was becoming a lawyer as no one else in my family is a lawyer, even though it is a profession which often runs in families. For my entire professional life, I have specialised in the work of personal injuries litigation.  I know I don’t look old enough but that is almost 25 years now!

It is the human element that I enjoy about this area of law.  We can only ensure the right outcome by getting to know our clients, their dreams and aspirations for the future both before and after the setback of an injury.