Renée Eglinton

Who Am I?

Renée is a highly skilled negotiator and litigator. Renée began her legal career in 1992 and having been admitted as a solicitor in 1994 she brings over 25 years legal experience in her area of practice to Kare Lawyers.

Renée’s experience has been gained in the senior roles she has held over many years. As such Renée approaches client management from a very unique perspective in that she has a clear understanding of how her legal opponents manage their claims and she knows intuitively how to respond to achieve the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Renée understands that the best outcomes for her clients are achieved outside the courtroom. She appreciates that her clients are often in the most vulnerable of circumstances when they come to see her and need an experienced and understanding person on their side to guide them to a positive outcome.

Renée has a reputation for providing pragmatic legal advice so that her clients are well informed and able to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

“I am passionate about providing expert representation to enable you to focus on getting your life back on track” – Renée Eglinton

  • We make it easy for you to access a high calibre of lawyer
  • A transparent fee structure that includes a No Win No Fee policy.
  • Only lawyers will manage your claim from the moment you make an enquiry through to the day you receive settlement

  • Expert and realistic advice to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome at the earliest possible time
  • We make the claim process seamless for you so you can focus on getting your life back on track

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