Our No Win No Fee Policy

We understand that, after you have had an injury, there are a lot of expenses.  You will have hospital excess payments, travel expenses, medical expenses, pharmacy expenses, rehabilitation expenses and all the incidental expenses that come with an injury.  More importantly, you may need to take time off work and it is not always clear how long you will need away from work.

For this reason, we conduct our personal injuries claims on what is commonly known as a “no win no fee” basis.

You can rest assured that your consultation with us to assess the merits of your claim will be completely obligation free.

We will not charge you to find out whether you have a claim and we will not put any pressure on you to proceed with a claim just so that we can be paid.

Our ethical duties prohibit us from acting for you if your claim has no prospects of success.

If your claim has prospects but there are risks, we will set out those risks for you honestly and openly so that you can decide whether you want to proceed.  We may charge an uplift to our fee to compensate us for the risk we assume in acting for you on a “no win no fee” basis.

If you will certainly receive compensation from your claim, we will also be honest with you.  Although we are entitled to an uplift to our fees to act on a “no win no fee” basis in all claims, we do not charge an uplift to our fees if there is no risk to us.

In any case, we will not issue an account for professional fees and disbursements we incur on your behalf unless and until you receive compensation for your injuries.

So contact us today.  We would be happy to discuss your options with you.

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