As a lawyer specialising in personal injury law I see the impact motor vehicle accidents have on friends, family, clients and the community everyday. Lives can be changed in an instant.

As a mother with a 16 year old learner driver in the house I have become quite a nervous instructor. My son is getting better and my nerves may recover one day – although the nights of him being out in a car are not far away. His older friends are starting to get their licenses already.

What has shocked me over the last 6 months has been the impatience,  lack of common courtesy and recklessness shown by many motorists to learner drivers. We must all remember it can be a daunting experience to be on the road for the first time. Mistakes will be made, optimal choices not always selected and nerves will prevail, all impacting our learner drivers. This is irrespective of age. Instructing teenagers adds another dimension to the driving experience – what I call in my house, the “I know” syndrome. We all knew best as teenagers didn’t we?

From this nervous lawyer mother, a timely reminder to drive safely for my sake and your family’s sake, thanks to the Queensland Government –