When you submit an Application for Compensation, WorkCover Queensland (or a self insurer), has 20 business days to make a determination as to whether your Application should be accepted or rejected.

The insurer must decide if you are a “worker” as defined by the legislation and whether you have sustained an “injury” also defined in the legislation.

Your claim has been rejected – what do you do now? You have a right to seek a review of the rejection. All is not lost.

Your Application for Review must be lodged with WorkCover’s Regulator, the Office of Industrial Relations, within 3 months of receiving the insurer’s written reasons of rejection. The review process is undertaken by written submissions. There is no hearing or need to appear before the Office of Industrial Relations.

There are other decisions of insurers which can be reviewed.

If your Application has been rejected, and you believe it should not have been, remember you only have 3 months to seek a review.